The season of love - and the secret to all of life's challenges.

Tis the season.  The season of love.

Some love it, some hate it. Why not embrace it and make the most of it?

Disclaimer: this is going to get a little gushy for a second. Just hear me out!

February has long been celebrated as the month of romance. When I think of romance the first thing that comes to mind is my loving husband.


Photo credit: Kelsey Zwicker Photography (Side note: Kelsey is awesome. Looking for a photographer? Look no further.)

He has truly changed my life since the day we met.  He has opened my eyes to new things and has helped me discover talents I didn’t even know I had!  One of those ‘talents’ is my creativity.

Now, I have always been the creative type (I think I get that from my mama), but I also have always had a little bit of perfectionist in me as well.  And friends, those two qualities don’t mix very well.

I would let my creative brain do it’s magic, and then my perfectionist brain would take over and mess it all up. Does anyone else have this problem? It’s an awful feeling.  So much excitement to be creative, and then so much disappointment when it’s not exactly how you envisioned it. Am I right?

When Bryn came into my life, my search for a seemingly far-fetched solution was over.

Here’s the secret.  The answer to all my problems. And no you don’t need Bryn - he’s mine! :)

Are you ready for it?

Let it go.

Did you just read that in a sing-song voice?  Of course you did! Let it go, let it go...

Okay, that’s not the only answer.

Here’s the rest.  Let it go. Paint what you see. Find inspiration. Use bigger paint strokes.  Be confident.  You are creating this masterpiece, so it’s already 10 times better something you can buy.  It’s unique.  It’s yours.  It’s a one and only. Love it. Embrace the imperfections, because that’s truly what makes it special.

So, the season of love. The month of romance.  It’s time to embrace any and all imperfections. For me, it’s art. I am learning to love my art for everything that it is and all the love it gives.

(Side note: I'll let you in on another little secret.  It's actually quite relaxing.  Even if I toss whatever I just created in the trash when i'm finished, it's still a nice stress reliever for me.)

Two wonderful people in our family recently got married.  Tis the season of love, right?

Here’s how I made an ever so perfectly imperfect watercolor card.


Draw your design.  For me, it was an adorable truck with hearts in the back.  Loads of love.



Erase your pencil marks (lightly). This is optional.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  It just depends on the paint colors I am using.



Paint!  I used watercolors. For the somewhat still perfectionist in me, you can easily fix mistakes or redo something that isn’t quite right.



Outline your design.  Again, optional.  Sometimes I think the design looks better with an outline - this is one of those times.


Sign it! This is the most important step.  You made it. It’s yours, so own it!


Is it perfect? No.  But that’s what makes it wonderful.


Here’s another example of a DIY card for the season of love that I made in like 2.5 seconds. Simple, yet still cute and meaningful.


Okay, it’s your turn. And remember - let it go!

Did you know, 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually?  Will you buy yours, or make one?

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